Artist Series: Hannah Eddy

A whimsical creator and adventurer since childhood, Hannah Eddy (@hannaheddyart) knows a thing or two about having fun. With a mission to spread good vibes through art, Hannah weaves inspiration from her outdoor adventures into every colorful sketch.


We spent a day with Hannah in her studio in Reno, NV, and got a peek behind the scenes at her work, her process, and fun stuff that filled the space, like skate decks, racks of vintage biker jackets, a 1950s espresso machine, and stickers galore.

The studio is shared with a few other fellow creatives of Hannah's, and the vibes are just as relaxed as Hannah herself. The industrial feel of the loft, preserved from its original purpose as a Harley Davidson dealership in the 1920s, is full of personality yet serves as a functional space for Hannah to bring her imagination and bold designs to life.

"One of the main goals in my art is to help lead to community connection and collective care. I hope that people find the same joy when they look at my art, as I feel when I'm making it."

Hannah's artwork is instantly recognizable from her distinct colorful palette, imaginative characters, and "weird fun," as Hannah described. 

Her illustrations never fail to put smiles on faces, and can be found on large scale murals in Reno and across the country. 

Hannah showed us the original sketches of the shapes and patterns that eventually made their way on to our belts. "I was inspired by the desert landscape meeting the forest, like what we have here in the Reno/Tahoe area."

"These belts are a fun, colorful way to highlight the smaller moments in nature. It's cool to have my art on stuff that's functional, that I wear everyday. It's an easy thing to make art for products that you use. Like, why wouldn't it have art on it?"

"Honestly, belts are a public service. 'Cause no one wants to see butt cracks. We should have put that on the belt."

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