Our belts are designed for superb function for every aspect of life, never sacrificing style or comfort.

Find the belt that keeps up with how you move.




Belts should free you, not hold you back. Our outdoor belts are made to move with your active lifestyle. Whether your playground is the road, trail, or water, our versatile belts are here to get the job done.

  • Performance stretch webbing flexes to allow maximum freedom of movement
  • Low-profile, no-bulk design, yet highly durable
  • Micro-adjustability lets you dial in your exact fit
  • Field tested and athlete approved to withstand tough conditions
  • Washer/dryer safe. If your belt has seen better days, throw it in the wash and you’ll have a clean belt again for your next adventure.


Strap in, and move freely throughout your day, no matter where it takes you. All day comfort from our signature stretch, paired with effortless style. The multifunctional piece you need to complete your look.

  • Performance grade stretch webbing intentionally woven for the everyday wardrobe
  • Versatile, thoughtful designs that blend function and style
  • Customized fit with a micro-adjustable buckle system
  • Lightweight, no-pinch build gives you that barely-there feel
  • Non-metal components make traveling through airport security a breeze


Tough doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Our utility belts are built for strength and durability, without sacrificing movement. As functional as any tool in your gear kit, these belts deliver performance and comfort for those who go hard.

  • Robust webbing supports the weight of heavier apparel and tools, while the stretch component gives you enough flexibility to move freely.
  • High density plastic buckle can withstand extreme pressure
  • Abrasion resistant fabric stands up to long term use
  • Micro-adjustability lets you dial in your exact fit


We made our belts to always fit comfortably, and to be easy to wear.

Use our finder to find the right width and length for you.




Unlike our belts, belt loops don’t stretch. Choose from two widths that best fits your wardrobe.


We offer three lengths so you can find the best fit. All our belts are micro-adjustable so they always fit exactly how you want it. Our fit guide is based on what our customers told us to be the most comfortable for them.